Friday, March 20, 2020

3 Ways to Build Your Fan Base on Facebook

How to Build Your Fan Base on Facebook

Facebook started out as a social network for connecting students at college and has grown into a network for  connecting everybody for anything. Many people have a personal profile on Facebook, and they use it to keep up with friends and family through photos and status updates. Over time, businesses have found it to be a great place to connect with prospects and customers.
You’ve most likely seen big companies like Starbucks and Best Buy advertise their Facebook page and maybe you have even “liked” some of these company pages. As a small business owner, you’ve probably thought that you don’t have the resources to have a Facebook page, but you really can’t afford not to be on Facebook.
In 2010, more than 1.5 million local businesses had active pages on Facebook and more than 20 million people became fans of pages each day.* It’s crucial to have your business on Facebook because that’s where people are talking about the businesses they use and recommending them. There’s not a lot of mystery to having a Company Page, but like anything else you do for your business, you have to be committed to it.
#1 Include Important Design Features on Your Page
Your page should quickly tell a visitor what your business is about with a photo, business name, your logo and a custom designed welcome page. Our Website Builder Plus will create your Facebook Company Page matched to your website and you can share content from your website right to your Facebook page.  With the Timeline design that Facebook rolled out in March to Facebook Company Pages, a strong photo, also known as a cover photo, is even more important. This image should be visually appealing and powerful, capturing the essence of your business.
Also with the new updates Facebook made, the personalized tabs on a Facebook Company Page are now turned into applications that are located below your cover photo. This area is the prime real estate where your customized pages will live and where you set your business apart to your visitors. Photos and Likes will always take up two of these application spots, and you can have a total of 12 applications personalized for your business.
The Timeline feature lays out your posts and conversations in a chronological order by month and year. If you have a status update that that you would like to feature, you can now “pin” it. By pinning a post, it will remain on the top of your Timeline for up to 7 days.
#2 Build Your Network
Just like with your personal page, you want people to connect with your Facebook Company Page. Once your page is developed and ready to be seen, start advertising it. There are lots of ways to do this:
  • Add "Like us on Facebook" to your invoices.
  • Create a small sign in-store reminding customers to "Like us on Facebook".
  • Add a link to your Facebook page to your email signature.
  • Link your website and Facebook page.You can also entice your customers or prospects to like your Company Page by offering an incentive such as a coupon, discount or free item.
#3 Engage with Your Customers
One of the values of a Facebook Company Page is that it offers you a channel to communicate with your customers. While it’s important for you to keep the content fresh with photos, events and new product postings, you don’t want the conversation to be one way. Talk with your customers and encourage them to post on your wall and to tag photos of themselves using your product or service. You have to enable these capabilities in your Facebook privacy settings.
You should also provide resources for your customers such as related blogs, links, or videos that they would be interested in based on their interest in your company. Interacting with your customers will create a closer relationship with them and keep them coming back to your page and your business. You may even get ideas for changing or improving your business as well.
A Company Page on Facebook is like most other things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. You can’t expect your customers to “like” your page and visit it frequently if you don’t maintain it. Once you get into the practice of making regular posts, you’ll find it easier to do and worth the small amount of time it takes to have this valuable communication channel with your customers.
If you need help setting up a professional Facebook Company Page for your business, We can help, Contact Us!  Just give us a call at 1-866-888-6305.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Search Engine Optimization



91% of buyers click on a listing from the first page of the search results.  Only 4.8% even make it to the second page.

Staying on top of search engine page rankings is critical for success in today’s intensely competitive virtual marketplace. Search engine visibility is a top priority for every business model. Improved search engine rankings directly translate into better customer acquisitions and with’s search engine visibility package in your corner you have the perfect tool to maximize your market reach.

Domains Buy Design search engine visibility tool is a simple and easy to use tool that does not require any technical expertise to implement. This tool is a comprehensive one that analyzes your website and also tells you exactly what you should do to enhance your page rank. This search engine visibility tool is compatible with Safari too which means that Mac users can sign up for it too. Detailed tutorials on search engine rankings and optimization complete the package that come with this tool. Even if you have no prior knowledge of search engine optimization and SEO techniques, this tool will let you ensure that your website gains maximum visibility in the virtual market place.

Domains Buy Design search engine visibility tools offer a comprehensive reporting feature that allows you to measure your website’s search engine ranking performance with ease. These reports include Link Popularity, List Checking, Alexa/ Google Ranking, Competitor Ranking and Keyword Ranking. You can also gauge keyword usage, Robots Meta tags and Robot.txt files and spiderability of your pages with this tool which allows you to tweak your pages to make them most search engine friendly. All of these tell you exactly how your website is faring when compared to your peers and how you can enhance your visibility further.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategy we use to rank your page on the search engines.  Google is the largest search engine out there and getting in good with them is huge. This is why we specifically cater our services to revolve around what Google is looking for.

Do you ever wonder why your web page is sitting on the 2nd or 3rd page?  It's because your competition is favored by the search engines due to keywords, content, backlinks, and other critical information.

We will custom design and implement a strategy to drive the website we build for you, or your existing website, to rank your business on the search engines.

We offer continued support and analysis of your website to ensure you stay ranked among the giants in your niche on Google. Because there will be competition, you may see your website move up or down in rankings.  We will pay attention to that and continue to update your page as necessary.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cyber Monday starts early this year for online retailers.

Cyber Monday's original appeal, as the first weekday after Thanksgiving, was access to quick Internet speeds while at work. But now broadband at home and mobile 4G networks consumers are shopping well ahead of Cyber Monday -- in some cases, nearly a full week before.

Cyber Monday starts early this year - Nov. 23, 2012